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Gosh, we left early this morning!  But it was all part of the plan.  We spent time last night and again this morning watching the storms and the way they were moving.  We were already resigned to getting wet today… it was more a matter of when.  The sun was actually coming out when we left so none of us put any rain gear on. And, much to our detriment, none of  us put on any sun screen either.  You just don’t think about doing that when you’re expecting to stop at any moment to put on your rainsuit! 

Anyway, today we decided to leave early and try to beat as much of the weather as possible. So, we’re looking at Charleston, SC and, if we had not encountered any rain by the tme we got that far, we would continue to Savannah.  On US17 almost all day heading south.  Through Jacksonville, Wilmington and on to Myrtle Beach.   Reminds me of spring break in Destin… Anyway, we took a slight detour at Garden City Beach to get a little closer view of the beach.  I always love looking at those beach houses.  Just a short detour though.  Back on 17 and headed to Charleston.  I planned to stop us at the Harley shop there where I figured we would regroup about the rest of the day.

As it happened, the Harley shop was closed but we did dismount in the shade and take a break.  Being that it was so early (before 2) and we hadn’t run into any rain yet, we decided to press on.  Called the motel and found that there were plenty of rooms available.  Two hours later we were checking into the Best Western in historic Savannah, GA, just a block from the riverfront.  By the time we had pulled in front of our rooms and started unloading, the skies opened up.  Talk about timing!!!  So we decided to cab it to dinner.  Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House.  If you remember, Bubba is the brother of Paula Deen.  I know everyone enjoyed their meal (Nancy’s was a bit spicy) but I loved mine!  A bucket of Dungeness crab legs served with red potatoes and corn on the cob.  First time I’ve had Dungeness but I hope not the last.  Sorry the rest of the group had to wait for me to pick and peel all my crab legs but I wasn’t about to leave any!

Once back at the motel we figured we would get together at 8 in the morning and look at the weather again.  We are doing so well time-wise that if we have to stay here an extra day to wait out some of the weather,  we’ll still be in good shape.  We’ll keep you posted.


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  1. a good bucket of crab legs can make a great day even better!

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