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And the wonderful days just keep happening!  This morning, the group decided to hang out in Savannah another night… maybe try to wait out some of the weather.  Excellent decision.  Today we are tourists!!

First on the agenda was a trip to the UPS Pack & Ship Store.  There comes a time, on most trips, that you have to resign yourself to the fact that you have bought too many souvenirs!  Today was that day and Julianne and I headed that way early, with Nancy along for moral support.  If our timing is right, the box full of souvenirs and dirty clothes should be back in Texarkana about the same time we are! 

Second on the agenda…  anticipating that the weather may turn bad at any moment, we decided to make our little tourist trips before that happened.  We headed out US80, across the marshland, east to the edge of the continent, Tybee Island.  Nice, short drive before we pulled into some public parking and hiked down to the beach.  We all took turns taking pictures and cleaning sand off our face.  Wind was really blowing and kicking up the sand.  I’m sure it had something to do with Katia.  Still a great stop.

We moved from there to the Tybee Island Lighthouse.  Sign said “CLOSED TUESDAY”.  Wouldn’t you know that would be our luck?  Didn’t stop us from taking lots of photos though… of ourselves and two separate newlywed couples on their honeymoons.  How funny.  One of the couples was Harley riders and we had a good visit with them.  Almost everyone you run into has a cousin or friend or whatever that rides a bike.  Always an opening for conversation.

So far, Mary and I had managed to anchor everything on the bike since the first day was such a fiasco.  Yesterday was a slight slip when Mary’s microphone sock blew off.  We’ve got to fix that cause the wind noise is terrible.  She found a sunglass pouch that she wrapped around it and it’s working pretty well – just looks a little strange.  Off to the Harley shop for that fix.  Success!

Back to the historic district where we are staying and I thought it would be a good idea to drive down River St.  How was I to know that it was cobblestone?  And how was I to know that once you are down there, it’s almost impossible to get out.  Finally, after the longest 5 blocks in my life, we made our escape.  Parking the bikes, we decided to hoof it back down.  I’m telling you… TOURISTS! 

Failed to tell you that when we went to UPS this morning, we walked down to Paula Deen’s place and made early dinner reservations.  Nobody should come to Savannah without experiencing Lady and Sons.  Not that the food is that spectacular (good, just not spectacular) but the whole experience is. 

Early to bed, early to rise.  So that’s where I’m headed!  Planning for another early departure tomorrow.  Maybe we can miss some more of the weather.  See you then….


One Response to “TOURISTS”

  1. Well shoot!!! I wanted to know how much “Butt-uh” everyone consumed while eating at Lady and Sons!! LOL!!

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