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Turning west…

Yep, today was the day that none of us was looking forward to.  We have gone as far east as possible, now it’s time to head home.  Although it took me a few tries and a couple of wrong turns, we headed out of Savannah on US80.  The sun was shining and the air was crisp!  Some of us started the day in jackets, some in long sleeve shirts and some with just short sleeves.  The temp was about 61degrees but we had hopes of that changing as the morning wore on.  Only thing that changed as we rode on was the sky.  That gorgeous sun slowly faded behind a mass of gray clouds.  And these clouds didn’t leave all day long.  By the time we had reached Swainsboro (about 90 miles down the road), more shirts, jackets and gloves were being retrieved.  Before the day was done we had all donned warmer gear.  Temps never got above 66.  Can you imagine?  Well, I guess you can ’cause I hear things are cooling off back home too.

Spent the day driving through miles and miles of pecan and peach orchards plus strawberry and peanut fields.  Somewhere beyond Dublin, around Fort Valley, was Lane Orchards.  This was our big “tourist” thing today.  We were lured from the highway by all of the Burma Shave style signs. Once inside, we were inundated with all types of peach products… wine, preserves, fresh, canned, etc.  And it didn’t end there.  Wines, boiled peanuts, candied pecans and fried pies of all flavors.  We all settled for a fried pie and cup of coffee –  hoping to warm our chilled bones just a bit.  We spent a little time there just looking around and talking with some of the management team.  I tried boiled peanuts once again.  These were better than my previous sample but still not a favorite of mine.  (note to first time samplers – yes, you should remove the shell prior to ingestion.)  Several laughs later we were mounting up again.

Today’s destination was Montgomery, AL but, first, we need to stop at the Harley shop in Columbus, GA.  It’s a good thing that a passer-by noticed us studying the map in front of what used to be the Harley shop.  After he gave us directions to the new store we were off again.  Chattahoochee Harley Davidson…  maybe that’s  the name of a nearby river or something.

It wasn’t a long stop, just enough to stretch legs and pick up another t-shirt.  Also, I used the opportunity to check the motel in Montgomery to make sure there were plenty of rooms.  So far we have been really lucky.  If you remember, we didn’t have reservations after Saturday.  Haven’t really noticed the motels being full or busy.  Anyway, it was a “go” for Montgomery and we were on the road again.

After we checked in and unloaded, we headed out for supper.  Nancy had picked out a rib place a few miles from the motel.  You know, if I had felt like we could be done and gone before dark, I probably would have been game for the stop.  As it was, it appeared to be in the heart of  “Ghettoville”, on the outskirts of the hood.  Nope!  Y’all roll up the windows and don’t anybody get out of the car!  We kept driving and decided that tonight might have to be a chain restaurant.  And it was – LoneStar Steakhouse.  Gotta say I’ve only eaten at this chain once prior (in Texarkana) but this one was much better.  Or maybe I was just really hungry.  Ribs, filet, grilled shrimp, prime rib – it was all good. 

But now we are back on central time and I am glad I’ve already eaten and showered so that once I hit the last stroke on this page I can lay my head on the pillow.  We weren’t supposed to be back until Saturday but it looks like we may make it by Friday.  But I’m sure I’ll have something else to tell you tomorrow.


One Response to “Turning west…”

  1. WOW, FOR SOME WEIRD REASON THIS ONE WENT INTO SPAM AND I ALMOST MISSED IT!! Sounds as if y’all have had a good ride and tons of fun along the way. Know you hate for this to end but I am always happy to hear that you are home safely once again. Lots of riders out and about up here and many of these fools ride without helmets.
    Hugs Y’all

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