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Alabama drivers

One of the perks with staying in chain motels is the complimentary breakfast.  They are all pretty similar… fruit, cereal, bagels, waffle iron,  etc.  Some of them (on rare occassion) actually have some type of breakfast meat.  This morning I witnessed a motel guest make the most of the limited breakfast selection.  This particular motel had sausage biscuits in their morning line-up, you know, the ones about the size of a half-dollar.  Well, this fellow started with 6 biscuits, or maybe I should say sausage patties.  He would open all these biscuit packages, throw away the biscuit and heat the sausage.  I know I saw him go through at least a dozen biscuit sandwiches.  People never cease to amaze  and/or surprise me.  Thank goodness they were steadily restocking behind him.

We endured Alabama drivers as long as we could and are so thankful that we got out alive.  They are definitely crazy and, most assuredly, dangerous.   Once we survived that ordeal, we made our way into Mississippi. 

Our days’ itinerary included a stop at Chunky River Harley Davidson in Meridian, MS.  This is the sister store of  Whisky River H-D in Texarkana.  I only circled the store once before I hit the driveway…  obligatory t-shirts and dip dots.  The owners weren’t there for us to chat up so we were gone.

I tried to stay off the interstate as much as possible and I was successful almost all the way into Meridian.  From there we decided to hit I20 to make some time that we could blow when we got back on the Natchez Trace.  This morning we decided that a straight line return to Texarkana was not in the plan.  So, once through Jackson, we were back on the Trace – southbound.  That short 70 mile stretch on the Trace made up for all the crazy Alabama drivers, the interstate miles and the atrocious highways!  We were at one with the asphalt!!!  Well, it sounded good!  The Parkway does have a way of soothing and calming though.

We rolled (not coasted – much to the surprise of some in the group) into Natchez around 5.  After we refueled, it took us a little bit to locate the motel. Once here we were quick to unload and get back to the bikes headed for supper.  Our choice tonight was Jughead’s.  Not much to look at but oh so inviting as we walked in.  Staff was quick to please, and Jughead even came out and talked with us.  He gave us lots of local history and recommendations.  Heck, he even fixed us a complimentary order of alligator.  What the place lacked in ambiance definitely made up for with taste.  Phil’s frog legs were meaty and crispy – just the way he likes them.  The fried pickles were thin and lightly breaded.  The onion blossom/bloom was good enough to eat… and eat… and eat.  Breading was flavored just right – Outback ain’t got nothin’ on Jughead!  My butterflied shrimp were big,  juicy and fresh.  The catfish was as good or better than any from our neck of the woods.  In other words, this place was a primo find.  I would make a trip back down just to eat here.

This is our last night on the road.  I can always tell… the closer we get to home, the earlier Mary hits the floor!  She’ll probably be up by 5a.m. tomorrow.  That’s okay, I’ve got a “scenic”  final day planned.  We should still be in Texarkana by about 4 or 5.  One more big trip under our belts.  Hope my dog still knows who I am…….


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