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Staying on the back roads!


Once we made it to Vivian, we turned south, taking a look at the Caddo Lake drawbridge, and going through Mooringsport, Greenwood and Logansport before we picked up LA 191. Still in our jackets but the ride has been great. Not much traffic at all and better-than-normal Louisiana roads.

We had experienced a little bit of sunshine and thought it was going to warm up but that was not going to happen. About 4 or 5 miles north of Zwolle skies really started getting dark. I even talked about pulling over to suit up in full rain gear. Yeah, we decided against it but that didn’t stop the rain! I found a deserted C-store and we pulled over. Of course by this time, we were already wet and chilly.

Our first night was supposed to be Sulphur, LA but that wasn’t going to happen. Before we left Zwolle, I was looking for the nearest Best Western. Natchitoches – hear we come!


One Response to “Staying on the back roads!”

  1. Just because you have a little green frog, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it wet!

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