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Tempura shrimp with California rolls and miso soup.


Checked into the motel and unloaded the luggage but decided to grab a bite before we shed all the wet clothes.

When we were here a couple of years ago with Mom and Mindy, we tried to eat at Lasyone’s. They specialize in the “world famous” Natchitoches meat pies. Not only were we unable to eat there 2 years ago but it didn’t happen today either. So we headed down to Front Street overlooking the Cane River Lake to see what was open. What’s the deal? You would think it was Monday or something!

So, we ended up at the HANA Sushibar & Grill. Not what I really had in mind but it’s gonna have to do. California rolls, tempura shrimp, and miso soup. It was all pretty good… even the miso soup after Mary told me it was soybean soup!

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m not sure which way we are headed. It was supposed to be LA82 along the coast but it looks like more bad weather may be moving in. Guess we’ll decide in the morning.


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