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Louisiana road hazard.


Shortly after the ferry ride and somewhere around Creole, we left Hwy 27 and hooked ’em on down Hwy 82. Still lots more marshland but now not so many wildflowers. What we did notice, though, was all of the oleanders and the live oaks. Both of which were huge. Some of the oleanders we saw were well over 10-15 feet tall and in full bloom! The live oaks lined the north side of the highway with their huge trunks and long, low branches. It was not uncommon to see these with a circumference that exceeded 10 feet. Just beautiful!!!

Of course there are always road hazards, no matter where you ride. Just can’t get used to the whole reptile thing. Guess they are around here like deer are in Arkansas. Gotta watch out.


One Response to “Louisiana road hazard.”

  1. That sign means stop and turn around, ladies!

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