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After a brief argument with LOLA (our gps), we finally made it to the McIlhenny Tabasco factory.
We could have been there an hour earlier if I had my way but as it turned out, we took a little scenic tour of New Iberia. Sometimes I know better than to believe what she is telling me! Oh well, it was a nice ride and we actually saw Jefferson Island (another unplanned tour). The film and tour at McIlhenny was pretty neat. But not nearly as neat as their country store. Did you know they have tabasco soda pop. I wasn’t brave enough to try that but I did try the raspberry chipotle and the garlic tabasco marinade. Both were good enough to bring home a few bottles. And a few other sauces and condiments too.

One day, I would like to come back and take a closer look at Avery Island. I think there was a lot more there to see than we did.

Ok, now it’s on the search for any of the Swamp People. We had no luck at Pecan Island looking for Liz. So, we are headed for Houma on the hunt for JPaul or RJ. Actually Houma is much larger than I thought. Kind of a “needle in a haystack” kinda thing. BUT, we did get a tip from one of the gals at Mike Bruno’s H-D! Our next destination was Pierre Part and Troy Landry. She was kind enough to tell us where he hung out… from time to time. We’re off to the Spunky Monkey nestled on the banks of the Belle River. Rumor has it that Troy wets his whistle here occasionally. Today would not be that day though. We sauntered in for a cold beer and a frozen “spunky monkey”. We killed as much time as we could waiting on Troy but he was a no-show. On the road we go…..

Destination Lafayette. Along the bayous, moss draped trees and egrets. Another great day on the bike!


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