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Around Lafayette


Now as we left breakfast, we happened across this interesting sight!  Remants of Mardi Gras past, I’m sure!  This was not the only place the errant beads were spotted…  also hanging off of traffic lights and street signs!  Guess they really did “pass a good time”!  And I wonder, was this just from one year or have these been accumulating for awhile?


We headed to the CajunDome from here.  That’s where the Louisiana HOG Rally was being staged.  We really didn’t have any plans to attend but did want to get a picture for my ABC’c of Touring.  Our timing was great.  It appears they were all set up but the crowds hadn’t arrived just yet, so we were able to locate the official banner, take a photo and chat up some of the locals.  We have really encountered some extremely nice people on this trip.  Just love it!

Gotta make it by the local dealership, Cajun H-D, before we leave town.  Nice dealership and they had lots of rally vendors set up in the parking lot.  Too bad we had to get on back to Camden because Wayne Toups was scheduled to play this evening at the dealership.  Promised to be another good time but we had to get on back.




Nothing but beautiful weather, crawfish farms and sugar cane fields now!  We’re headed back to Camden for a dinner date with Mary’s family.  Yea, we’ll make it!

Experienced lots of neat things on this ride…..  the “love bugs” were terrible (it’s gonna take me a full day to get the trike clean!).  The food was delicious and the people were awesome.  We managed to ride over 1100 miles and limited less than 100 of those to the interstate.  Cheapest gas we saw was $3.69 but the cheapest crawfish we noticed was $1.50 a pound!

Yes, I would do this ride again!


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  1. Think that tree is even gaudy enough for me, even has pink flamingos in the yarrd!!

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