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Breakfast at the French Press

Very cool place that we decided to treat ourselves to this morning.  It was located in the historic section of downtown in an old printing press business of some sorts.  And Don’s ORIGINAL Seafood Restaurant was located just across the street.


After a short study of the menu and a brief discussion with our server, we settled on two different famous, best dishes that we would share.  Mine was the Cajun Benedict.  And, yes, it was crazy good!  Served in a bowl, it was layered with toasted French bread, some local boudin, and two medium-poached eggs.  Then this was topped with a delicious chicken and andouille (sausage) gumbo and fresh scallions.  So delicious, my mouth is watering now.  Just not something I would have ever thought to combine for breakfast…..  but I would again!


Now Mary wasn’t quite as adventuresome.  Her choice was the Sweet Baby Breesus.  I’ve got to look and see if that’s a real word.  Anyway, it consisted of 3 buttermilk biscuit sliders with bacon, fried boudin balls topped with Steen’s cane syrup.  Her choice of sides was the cheddar grits.  Both dishes were awesome.  So flavorful… but not your typical “southern” flavor.




And some pretty interesting artwork in here too.  Plus, the bar had been crafted from steel I-beams.  Very clever!



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