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Grady’s Line Camp Steakhouse


After we spent the day at the stockyards then to the dealership in Ft. Worth, we made plans to have dinner with cousin Jayna and her significant, Markus. They had suggested the Line Camp Steakhouse. You know us, we’re game for just about anything. By the time we were moving to LC, the sky was getting dark and lightning was piercing the clouds! Some of us were on the bikes and some in the car but by the time we rolled up to the restaurant, the sky opened up! I haven’t seen such a bad storm in a long time. Hail, high winds, lightning, the whole bit! And it’s too dark right now to see if there was any damage to the bikes!

Back to the meal… The table was served with smoked beef tenderloin, chicken fried steak, pork chops and bbq shrimp. Also some very interesting green mashed potatoes. No complaints from anyone at the table… except maybe that we were all too full to enjoy the dessert specials (key lime pie or strawberry-banana pudding). Such a wonderful meal – and evening!



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