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Another meal


After spending most of the day at the rally sight, doing all the rally things, we left the stockyards.

Before we stopped for another meal, Jayna and Markus took us by Rebecca Low’s art gallery. She had already closed for the day but with a phone call she was happy to open up for us and a “private” tour. She’s a sculptor, probably about our age, and she does all of her sculpting out of metal. Actually, junk metal… Old car and tractor parts, rusty chains, old motorcycles, metal headboards. You name it and she uses it! I was in awe! May have been the best thing we did this entire trip.

After that, let’s eat again! Fuego’s for Tex-Mex. We have eaten some good food this trip…but then, don’t we usually.


One Response to “Another meal”

  1. Hard to beat Tex-Mex in Texas. Of course it’s where I first tasted Mexican food so it Ain’t real to me if not Tex-Mex!!

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