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Allen TX. H-D of Dallas

Left early this morning with a police escort and tv camera crew. Accommodations at the Sleep Inn in Lawton were awesome. Cannot be matched, I’m sure. So many personal touches! And the breakfast wasn’t at all shabby either.

Our second fuel stop today we were approached by a couple of women that wanted to pray for/with us. How was I to know that this was to be the first of many similar incidents.

Lunch stop provided by Panther Creek HOG Chapter. Wonderful hosts. They plan to ride with the group next year. We were honored to have a cancer survivor offer a prayer for us. 1 in 8!

Changed our route out of Dallas and I think it worked out better. Put us in Texarkana about an hour ahead of schedule.

I may be a tad biased, but Whiskey River put out an excellent meal. The decorations were over the top and the banner was a wonderful surprise. The girls really enjoyed! Even talking about routing next year’s trip back through here.

Everyone seemed to have had a good day. Couple of problems with debit cards and comms but I don’t think it slowed us down much.

Think we’re changing the route a bit for tomorrow. Should be a nice change though.

Sorry the blog is lacking a bit. I was having such a good time with the girls I just couldn’t tear myself away. More tomorrow!


One Response to “Allen TX. H-D of Dallas”

  1. I’m glad I got to see you and the group. Be careful and have fun.

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