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day 4 – headed to TOAD SUCK

A huge thank-you to taWanda for inviting everyone down to the hotel bar at whatever time that was last night.  Seems she had some extremely good luck on the slots and was eager for everyone to celebrate with her!  But that was last night — moving on to today.

We left early headed to Toad Suck H-D in Conway.  They were supposed to feed us lunch.  This promises to be a lengthy day so off we go.

By the time we got to the first stop (which is usually within an hour after we leave – you know, post-coffee, post-breakfast, etc.) we had our first riding casualty.  Well, not an injury, but Beth had started feeling bad the day before and it was pretty obvious that she needed to ride in the truck.  Thank you Bob!  You never want to think you will need a chase vehicle but it is so nice to have when you do need it!

Lots of road construction and 18 wheelers on I-40.  Yuck!  By the time we reached Conway, there was another casualty.  Regina thought her clutch cable needed to be adjusted but it turned out it was frayed.  Time to put this one on the trailer too!

We weren’t to be discouraged.  Some of the most exciting part of the ride was awaiting.  Regina doubled up with Becky C. and Beth reclined in the pickup.  Next destination… Eureka Springs.

Wow, what a welcome we had at the Best Western there!  Besides having our name up on the marquee, they had pink balloons all over the entrance and also on our side of the building.  Plus, ALL the parking on our side was roped off for us!  You know, it’s the little things.

Tonight we’re headed to the Rockin’ Pig for supper.  Free appetizers, discounted meals and the special limo ride!  Too much fun.  I thought the food was pretty good and the beer was cold.  One of our tables never got their meal and ended up down the street to eat.

Back at the motel, the bonding continued.  That’s why this blog is so late being posted….  I usually update it nightly but I  just couldn’t tear myself away from this entertaining group of women.


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