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This morning I am leaving the group.  They are headed into Lawton for a rowdy, “welcome back” party and I’m making my way into Camden.  It’s been a wonderful week and I’m going to miss these girls.

I’m still not certain what I was really expecting when I met the group but I’m going away with a new and different perspective on breast cancer.  There’s still so much I have got to learn.  Who knew that every time we stopped the group would be approached by people affected by the disease, suffering with the disease or  had questions about testing, etc.  This whole experience has been eye-opening, heart-wrenching and one that I will not soon forget.

Everyone did a wonderful job organizing, directing and researching.  I was very impressed that the route had been pre-ridden (well, except for the 6 state lines in a matter of minutes part).  All of you women should be very proud — not only of the money you raise, but the message you bring and the impression you make!

KUDOS to all you wonderful women!  I’ll miss you but already am anticipating next year!


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