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more of day 3

Hate to tell you that I’m back home now and trying frantically to update the blog.  So hard to do this after we have seen/done so much.

Southern Thunder H-D provided a light breakfast for us and we all did some shopping.  Afterward, we headed downtown for our tour of  Graceland.  As many times as I have been to Memphis, this is the first time I’ve taken the tour.  Way too much to take in on that short tour.  But we had a group picture taken (lookin’ good!) and I think everyone enjoyed.

This afternoon we have some free time so folks are headed in different directions.  Some of the girls were headed to visit with cancer patients and some were headed to Beale Street.  I know that I was really hungry so I grabbed the group headed to Beale Street thinking we would be eating first.  Our trip to Beale Street could take up a whole page…  and I do mean the trip TO Beale Street.  Lots of construction, detours, etc. so between LouAnn and myself, we crossed six state lines in a matter of minutes.  Oh what a story!!!  But, we did finally find Beale Street and some of us ate at the Blues City Cafe and some at BB Kings.

My ribs were delicious.  A couple of us cooled off while the rest visited the Peabody and watched the ducks or shopped for souvenirs.  Gotta head back to the hotel to meet everyone for the trip back down to BIKE NIGHT at SOUTHERN THUNDER.

A very warm reception by the entire group.  Lots of folks and lots of bikes.  They let us pass the pink boots amongst the crowd and, I think, we collected around $500.  Pretty good for a bunch of road-weary broads!

We better get back and get some sleep… it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.


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