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Pig Trail

We got to sleep late today!  Although, I think most everyone was ready at the “regular” time.  Leaving Eureka, we made our way west to Rogers.  The Harley shop there was feeding us lunch.

As we rolled into the parking lot, we were greeted with camera crews and press.  Several of the women were interviewed and it aired on the local news that night.  There has been lots of press along the way.  Just wish I had seen and read it all.  Thanks to the girls that are sending me links on facebook.

After a lunch of grilled chicken breasts, beans, and potato salad we mounted up to head out again.  Our road captain, Lou Anne, was surprised at the dealership when her older sister showed up!  After some persuasion, there was a new passenger for the next leg of our journey. (She may be shopping for her own after this!)

Arkansas Highway 23 (THE PIG TRAIL) was our next adventure!   I’ve heard a couple of different stories about how the highway got it’s name….  this was the trail, back in the day, that the pig farmers used to herd their pigs to market or auction or slaughter.  Not sure how accurate that one was — guess I’m just having a hard time registering a visual image of the whole “head ’em up, move ’em out, Rawhide” thing with pigs.  The other story, which makes almost as much sense, is that beginning years ago (before the interstates and 4lane highways) this was the route that lots of the Razorback fans would take to the ballgames in Fayetteville. Not sure if they thought it would be quicker or if their choices were that limited.   Hence, the Pig Trail.  Don’t know if either is true but they always make for good stories.  Regardless, it was an awesome ride.  It’s been years since I have ridden it but it remains one of my favorites in the state.

Old Fort Harley-Davidson was planning on feeding us supper and had offered bike washes so everyone would be looking all spiffy when they rolled home.  Our afternoon time vanished before we knew it so we didn’t get to take advantage of the wash.

But, we were surprised when we rolled into the dealership by a live band in the parking lot and several folks that had driven/ridden over from Oklahoma to greet us.  A couple of husbands, our sponsor/organizer Suzanne Hay, Amy and more (I’m certain).  Hugs and kisses all around!

Old Fort impressed the girls with a for-real pig roast!  Most of us had never seen a whole hog roasted so the presentation will be memorable.

This was going to be our last night on the road so I knew I was in store for lots of stories, parting thoughts, etc.  So far I have tried to be somewhat reasonable about my bedtime.  Tonight, I’m putting these youngsters to bed!  Just need to let them know that this old woman can still hang with the best of them!


One Response to “Pig Trail”

  1. As for the old woman keeping up, you did a great job….. wasn’t the same the last night in Lawton.

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