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It’s almost here…

Yes, we are gearing up for another “BIG TRIP”.  We weren’t certain that it would actually happen given everything going on but it looks like a “go” now.  So, we will spend the next couple of days prepping for a Thursday afternoon departure.

The plan this year is to head west to Taos where we will spend a few nights.  From there we will travel through Colorado to Hill City, SD (that place most recently in the news that Wynonna Judd’s husband had a motorcycle wreck).  We’ve got reservations there for a few nights as well.  Then on to Wall, SD.  It’s not that far down the road but seeing as we only spent a half hour here last time, we are going to devote almost an entire day to see THE drug store.  Then it’s on through Nebraska and Kansas with an overnight stop in Kansas City where we hope to tour the Harley-Davidson factory there.  As we leave Kansas City, we will stop in northern Arkansas for our last night on the road.

Hope this itinerary sounds like something you will enjoy following.  I promise to include pics and lots of food reviews!!!  Don’t forget you can actually subscribe to the blog (if you aren’t already) and we always enjoy reading your comments over breakfast each morning.


One Response to “It’s almost here…”

  1. You neglected to mention that Wynonna’s husband left one of his legs on the side of the road during the wreck!! Please ride carefully!! We loved our stop at Wall Drug and ate some good food there too. Seems like we didn’t find that much to do in Taos but then we didn’t have a lot of time either. Who’s going on this trip with you? I assume Phil ad Julie but don’t know for sure.. looking forward to keeping track via the blog!!

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