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Who could have known

After traveling Oklahoma’s Wildlife Trail across the southern part of the state, there just wasn’t alot to see. We rode through the town where Freckles Brown was born, and the hometown of Miss Oklahoma 1998. Oh yeah, and some town on US287 that claimed Lane Frost as their famous “son” (actually, we were in Texas by then). But wait, there’s the road to Turkey and the birthplace of Bob Wills. I know you know who that is.

As we rolled on down the highway, I noticed a yellow FJ that had passed us was slowing down. They changed lanes and waited for us to catch up with them. Once we were beside them, down came the window and there was a couple from Texarkana that I have known for years. What are the odds? What fun! You just never know what the day or the ride holds in store for you!!


This was the photo taken as they passed us.

Now we are in Amarillo for the night. Our riding day ended around 3pm. That’s the way we would like for it to happen every day. Tomorrow promises to be another great day on the bikes (but then they all are!). We will make our way on to Taos for a few days.

After checking into our motel, we journeyed to the Acapulco Restaurant in downtown Amarillo. This was to serve as a late lunch/early supper before we fell captive to our rooms for the night. Good food. Great margaritas. Biggest problem was that Phil didn’t recognize any of the names of the meals. Finally found something that sounded familiar though. Of course the gal at the motel praised the food here but especially because of the burgers. Go figure. Mary had to try though. See the picture below… closely resembles a hubcap off of a ’63 Chevy. Don’t you think?


Anyway, we are back at the motel and I am sworn to secrecy when it comes to bedtimes for my traveling buddies. Till tomorrow….


One Response to “Who could have known”

  1. Now, THAT’S a Texas sized burger! But, was it any good? Surely your traveling companions were not snoozing before 8 tonight!!!!!!

    Another, hot, dry, dusty day in Iowa. Garage has a coat of primer and he’s coming back tomorrow to do the real paint. Maybe I will put in AC and Heat and just live out there. It would hold several bikes!!!!!

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