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Into Taos

What a wonderful day! Yes, you’ll probably hear that a lot over the next couple of weeks.

We all went to bed so early last night that everyone was moving around pretty early this morning. As Mary carried her bag to the bike, “It’s not even daylight yet!” I’m not really sure when she last saw a sunrise.

West out of Amarillo and we took 385 north to Dalhart, then 87 to Clayton, 56 and 58 through the Cimarron Canyon, then 64 all the way to Taos. I always forget just how windy it is in west Texas and eastern New Mexico. Whew, wore us out fighting the wind! But once we got to the canyon all that changed.

And there we were, riding through Eagle Nest, and who did I see again but Frances and Tony (the couple from the Texarkana area). I just love it!

Our accommodations are pretty nice. We decided to rent a privately owned property for a few nights. Very centrally located – only about 3 blocks from the plaza. Tonight we dined at the Guadalajara Grill. This place came recommended by several folks and it did not disappoint! Posole, fajitas, shrimp…you get the picture.

After that we stopped by the market we had passed. Julianne and I went in for just a few items. It should have been a clue when we couldn’t find microwave popcorn and the coffee we did find was some sort of Mediterranean herbal stuff. I finally asked a customer where a regular grocery store was (not health food)!

Back in for the night. I’m trying to keep everyone awake until the sun sets, at least. If the rain doesn’t get us tomorrow we will have a busy day! Join us!



2 Responses to “Into Taos”

  1. Sounds like a good day for this early to bed, early to rise troop. Keep up the fun.

  2. You are such a good writer, when I can actually smell the hamburger and the food. Take care and thanks for letting me ride along

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