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Out and about in Taos

So I’ve been chastised about my boring blog…. Let’s see if I can’t dress it up some. Sure wouldn’t want anyone to get bored – Mom! 😏

It’s really nice staying in the same place more than one night. Every morning is not a mad rush to pack up and load the bikes. We get to kinda move in for a few days. Do laundry, sit out on the patio, watch tv or read, you know, some relaxing vacation things. PLUS, still do some riding and sightseeing too.

This morning we leisurely enjoyed our coffee before we headed out for the day. Starting at Michael’s Kitchen for breakfast was a superb idea. I couldn’t even tell you what everyone else had because I was too overwhelmed by my huevos rancheros to notice. And no pictures either…partly because it didn’t look all that appetizing. What can I say about my two eggs on a corn tortilla, smothered in green chili sauce with ground beef, then covered in melted cheese? It was so soupy that they brought me a spoon with my plate. And I certainly needed it to make my happy plate! Runny eggs, soupy chili sauce, and gooey, stringy cheese! DELISH! Everyone else will have to tell you what they had.

We left there and rode to the Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge which was about 10 miles outside of town.



It was not what I expected. Talk about a big ditch, and out in the middle of nowhere! Anyway, we continued our ride out hwy 64 where we passed lots of abandoned junk and other interesting sights.


With this sight a certain person immediately came to mind. Don’t worry though, you shall remain nameless.

On down the road. There are other things to see and do.


And the picture says it all…not! We found another winery further down the road, Vivac, for more tastings!

Enough of that, now we were looking at some serious rain clouds and we need to beat them back to Taos. 45 minutes later we are sitting dry and comfortable on the patio. Now if we can only figure out where our next meal will be!


3 Responses to “Out and about in Taos”

  1. Really????? ……… big ditch…. gotta be careful huh

  2. I think I detected a bit of sarcasm, but I remember that the “big ditch” was actually pretty awesome! Used to be some wrecked cars at the bottom of the gorge. Oops, perhaps those were Harleys. Hard to tell from that height and I was a bit dizzy just looking over the edge.

    Glad y’all are relaxing and vacationing a bit instead of just rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ every day. Enjoying your pics and reports. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like lots of fun! I share your enthusiasm over many of your sights so far. Feels like I am there with y’all. Be safe and have loads of fun, tell everyone hey!

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