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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Today we spent almost the entire day in historic Taos Plaza and Bent Street. After a great breakfast at the Taos Diner, we parked and started walking. T-shirts, magnets, leather, jewelry….we saw it all and bought most of it!


Even spent time in the Kit Carson House and Museum. We tried to see Taos Puebla but it was closed to visitors this week due to something religious going on.


Dinner was definitely something to write about but I’m fading fast so there won’t be many details. Maybe tomorrow I can expand on it. We’re leaving Taos in the morning headed north into Colorado. It’s been a great trip so far and the rest of the journey should be every bit as good!


3 Responses to “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”

  1. The Taos Pueblo was closed when we got there too but I think it was just too late in the day when we arrived or something of the sort. Glad y’all are having a good time. Connie coming up here tomorrow. Lots going on with us at the B and B right now!!

  2. I am reading all your postings! Sounds like y’all are having a great time on your adventures. Happy Trails!

  3. Hi Becky..I am enjoying your blog as always. You’ll be careful and tell everyone hello.

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