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Majestic Plains

Left Colorado this morning with the temps in the mid 40’s. No problem, we’re prepared. You know, layers and layers PLUS heated gear! So we were not cold as we departed. Too bad we didn’t need it. Cause it wasn’t long before we started coming out of clothes! Within 3 hours the temperature had doubled! Now we are looking at the 90’s and it hasn’t stopped climbing yet! Before we made our destination the mercury had crawled to 104o!!! We were roasting as we rolled down the road!

Regardless, it was still a good day! Sights today included the majestic plains of Colorado, the rolling hills of Wyoming and the black hills of South Dakota. Oh yeah, we finally made our first Harley stop. Cheyenne, WY was a multi-brand dealership that included (besides Harley) Honda, Can-AM, and a few others.




We are making Hill City our home base for the next few nights. Tonight we had dinner at Desperado's where I enjoyed a really delicious buffalo steak. So good, I wouldn't mind that one again. I know this is short but I'm whooped from the heat. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting for you.


One Response to “Majestic Plains”

  1. That’s quite a weather change, Bec!! Not quite that bad here but did hit 90s. Think I am going to get to ride the lawn mower today while y’all are rolling down the highways of SD. Talk about exciting!!!!

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