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Traveling on 2 wheels with us old broads…


There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe our day. Our travels carried us less than 150 miles but we spent ALL day doing it!

We left Hill City and headed for Custer State Park. This is the home to Needles Highway. I’m sure lot’s of you are familiar with that little stretch of road. The park entrance put us at Sylvan Lake before we started threading the needles!


One lane tunnels, drilled in rocks, with barely enough room for motorcycles! I would hate to be the one driving a full size vehicle. Honk your horn and hope that there is no one on the other side, or if there is, maybe they will hear your horn! Then along the Wildlife Loop Road where we experienced all kinds of animals… buffalo, turkey, goats, deer, sheep. Quite a sight. Then north on 16A (or otherwise referred to as Iron Mountain Road). I’ve ridden the Pig Trail, Tale of the Dragon, Million Dollar Highway – just to name a few. And I do believe what we rode today, although I’m uncertain of the “curve” count, would rival any of them! Pig Tail bridges, switchbacks, sweepers… this ride had ’em all!


We eventually made our way to the Harley Shop in Rapid City. Quick shopping and the return trip to our home base. Figured we would have lunch/dinner at the Mangy Moose. Name should have been a hint! Mangy Moose for some mangy meat! Had to be the worst meal we have eaten so far.


We’re all tucked in tight tonight and heading off to dreamland with visions of tomorrow’s ride playing out in my head!


2 Responses to “AWESOME!!!”

  1. My comment after seeing the tunnel and towering rock walls…….”Ooooh
    SH———-T!!!” Hope you have more fun today and better food.

  2. I meant to add that the other scenery was “Awesome” and thanks for sharing. If that little trail of a road is the only way to get there, I won’t be checking it out in person any time soon!!

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