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More Awesomeness

Having all sorts of internet problems tonight….

Today was another day hard to beat. After a good breakfast, we were off on another road trip. Back across the Wyoming state line to Newcastle then north to our first stop – Devils Tower.


Pretty unbelievable sight, just jutting up from the rolling hills. We rode as far up as we could, took more pictures, visited with some fellow riders, then headed back out of the park. But we had to first stop and watch the prairie dogs playing around.

Then back toward Rapid City where we picked up the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. About 25 beautiful miles of this drive. We saw Bridal Veil Falls and even ventured about a mile down a gravel road to check out the Roughlock Falls. Another motorcycle couple had recommended this local attraction and we were not disappointed.


As we rolled through Lead, we decided to stop and eat. First place I saw was Lewie’s Saloon and Eatery. Mary wasn’t too excited about that choice (based on my less-than-stellar pick last night … Remember the Mangy Moose?!?). She didn’t exactly fall in kicking and screaming, but she did let me know what she thought. Thank goodness the limited menu was pretty much goof-proof and we ALL really enjoyed our sandwiches.

Back at the motel and we’re discussing our departure tomorrow. It’s been really convenient staying in one place for a few nights. As I said earlier, this trip may just define how we travel in the future!


One Response to “More Awesomeness”

  1. Glad the awesomeness continues and that you are sharing it with us home bodies!! We are getting some awesome and badly needed rain, thanks to the hurricane in the gulf!

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