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Just sharing with you some of the sights that we experienced today. This morning we left the black hills and headed to the Badlands. Once we got through Rapid City, the wind started picking up. And picking up and picking up!!! I’m still not sure what the wind speed was, but I know I fought it for 60 miles.

Thankfully we were only on the bikes for half a day. Our destination for the night was only 90 miles down the road (well, closer to 150 after I routed us the scenic way). Anyway, hello Wall, South Dakota and Wall Drug Store. Lots of history about the store but our history with the store is what really matters!

The last time we rode through here was 3 or 4 years ago. We had started our day dressed for the cold. By the time we reached Wall, we were hot and needed to shed a few layers. To make the story shorter, our stop was only 15-20 minutes and most of that time was spent in the bathroom removing UnderArmour. Mary didn’t have NEARLY enough time to shop. So she hasn’t let us forget this for the last 3-4 years.

See where I’m going? Right! This stop was specifically for Mary to get her fill of Wall Drug! I hate to tell you how disappointed she was. It was a sad afternoon at Wall!


So we are staying at another mom-and-pop motel tonight. So far we’ve had some pretty good luck…even using the motel washers and dryers at this one. Yay, leaving in the morning with clean clothes. Come on!


One Response to “Badlands”

  1. Sorry Wall Drug was such a disappointment but we were not there all afternoon either. Just long enough to eat and do a walk through of a few shops then on the road again. Think it’s an amazing enterprise out in the middle of nowhere that manages to draw large crowds most of the time. Reckon it’s not the end all, be all for serious shopping experience.

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