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This was a pretty uneventful day. First of all, this was the day we started our “southern descent”, in other words, we are beginning our return trip. That in itself is enough to sadden us all. But, onward we must go!

We left Wall (and the drug store) behind about 9 this morning. Road construction, gps issues, and wind led us to I-90 for more miles than we wanted. Finally, leaving the interstate at Murdo, our trip took us through lots and lots and lots of farmland. And, boy, was it windy again today. That just wears you out!

Around mid-day we crossed the Nebraska line.


That was probably the highlight of our day. Either that or the bike path that followed us from Valentine to Norfolk. That’s almost 200 miles of bike path!! And I didn’t see one bike out there!

We were disappointed when we got to Valentine. Some of us have been talking about the steak house there that we enjoyed a few years back. Mouths were watering as we anxiously anticipated that tender, juicy steak that we just knew we were going to enjoy! NOT! It’s Sunday. They aren’t open! Guess that means another trip this way somewhere in our future.

So, now we are in Norfolk, Nebraska for the night and dark couldn’t fall fast enough for some of us. The rest of us are trying to catch up! See you guys tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Farmland…”

  1. Hey, this Iowa farmland is looking a whole lot better lately thanks to recent rains. Think our grass/weeds grew several inches overnight after yesterday’s good rain. Sorry y’all missed your good steak. Doesn’t seem like you have been gone long enough to be heading home already.

  2. Now Dot…don’t tell them that or they might go back to where that good steak was and wait for it to open…ha!! ha!! I’m sure that have had a great time and still having one, but Lili and I are kinda anticipating their return this week. She has been such a good dog and a joy to keep. Mare and Bec better watch out….she may want to stay with her Gammie. Ha!! Ha!!

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