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State lines

When we left Norfolk, Nebraska this morning it was very cloudy, some rain was falling, and even a little thunder and lightning. And, yes, we did get rained on. But it wasn’t enough to warrant suiting up. So we just plodded along until the sun finally broke through the clouds and started warming things up.

Actually I don’t remember how many state lines we had crossed by this time.



Missouri isn’t even up here yet either! So, we started in Nebraska, zipped over to the Iowa line (then did a u-turn), crossed into Kansas for a bit, and tonight we are in Missouri. What a day. Not many miles but lots of states!

After checking into our motel, we headed out for dinner. It was a toss-up between The Hereford House and Bravo. Gotta say that Yelp! has lots of influence on our decisions. Bravo it was. Italian, delicious and (sadly) a chain restaurant. We have gone the entire trip without any chains until tonight. Oh well, it was still a good meal! Back with the program tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow – we should be in Arkansas tomorrow night.


One Response to “State lines”

  1. Hey, you forgot to come get me and take me to Arkansas with you!!

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