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Back in Arkansas

It’s our last night on the road so we have chosen a familiar spot for the night. The Hub Motorcycle Resort in Marble Falls. This is only the second time I’ve stayed here, but I feel like I’m helping the “little guy” when I do.

One of Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing facilities was in Kansas City. V-Rods, Sportsters and Dynas were all part of the production at this facility. I’ve never toured any of the other HD plants but this tour was very interesting. Although this was a non-production week, they still showed us around and we were probably able to see more without all the employees buzzing around. If you haven’t taken one of these tours, I highly recommend.


From there to Springfield was a pretty uneventful ride. Lots of motorcycle cops around Kansas City. Then it was up the hill, down the hill, up the other side, then down again. Seemed like that went on for 200 miles.

We were planning on eating at the Hub but decided to check and make sure the restaurant would be open. Good thing we called because its only open from Thursday thru Sunday. That’s ok! Phil and Julie have never experienced Lamberts Cafe – Home of the Throwed Rolls! So Mary and I introduced them to the experience. We’ve eaten there 2 or 3 times and have never been disappointed….and they really do throw rolls to you! Besides the rolls being good, so is the rest if the food. Chicken fried steak, fried okra, chicken livers, pork chops, yams and turnip greens. It was a good thing we were only about an hour away from our motel!


So now we are enjoying the a/c. Tomorrow will be our last day…and that’s a sad thing. It’s been another good trip!


One Response to “Back in Arkansas”

  1. Didn’t realize there was another Lamberts on the western side. We have eaten at the one in S.E. Missouri (Sikeston) a few times. Very good but too much food so we don’t stop there very often. Always tempted though.

    Louisiana crew arrives Thursday.

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