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Trip’s End

Can’t think of a more fitting end to a fantastic trip than a ride down Arkansas Scenic 7!

We left The Hub before 8 o’clock this morning for a (what I thought) was a short ride to breakfast. Three hours later I still hadn’t found that special breakfast spot but we did manage to ride some beautiful roads. 7 for starters, then we picked up 16 and 21 into Clarksville. From there I put us back on I-40 to Russellville and the Cracker Barrel. Yeah, it’s a chain but by this time we were all pretty hungry.

Back on 7 to Hot Springs. I always love this highway….even when it is 100•! After a few hot hours, and just as many water stops, we were rolling back into Texarkana.

It was another great trip. We logged just under 4000 miles and less than 250 of those were interstate. We are constantly learning and fine-tuning! One thing not to be improved upon would be our travel partners! Thanks Julie and Phil for being so easy. Can’t wait until the next trip.


One Response to “Trip’s End”

  1. Glad y’all are almost home and safe. Know Momma Melba is happy to have visitors tonight!!

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