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We have arrived…Barcelona

As I write, it is Friday at 2:20pm. We are sitting in HardRock Cafe having food , refreshments and free wi-fi!!!

I’ve been having terrible issues with my data capabilities from my iPhone. This morning I have spent over 45 minutes on the phone with Verizon. We DO have Mary’s working. Mine, on the other hand, will have to be disassembled once we return to the room.

We arrived in Spain yesterday morning about 7:15. This was after having to report at the Texarkana airport at 4:30 am on Wednesday. Needless to say, it was an extremely long traveling day. Could not check into the room until after noon so we dumped our luggage, hopped the shuttle to City Centre and boarded the hop off-on sightseeing bus. This was the best thing we could have done! Aside from the fact that Mindy didn’t realize she had slipped her shoes onto the wrong feet HOURS ago… minimal walking and we got to see most of the eastern part of the city. The cathedral, the square, the giant “vibrator” (hopefully pictures will follow) and so much more! Today we are back for a stroll along las Rambla and more tour bus!





We have completed our hike down las Ramblas and have worn Mom out. So we delivered her to the hotel shuttle bus and caught another tour bus. Hoping to kill enough time until the lighted water show stuff starts. Then we have to decide how to get back to these places before the buses shut down for the night.






5 Responses to “We have arrived…Barcelona”

  1. Glad y’all have arrived but this sounds a bit more complicated than the bike trips. Hope everyone is having fun and enjoying the adventure.

  2. Really…what IS that giant vibrator?!!

  3. I just read the blog again, and did it say that Mindy had her shoes on the wrong feet? Is that a new European style trend? Honestly, Mindy, I don’t think that is going to catch on. But I’ll give it a try at Thanksgiving.

  4. aww so many of the things we just saw…fresh on my memory! sooo glad you guys are there and enjoying them too!

  5. Nice to see your pictures! Thanks, as always, for taking the time to allow those of us stuck at work to travel vicariously through your adventures!

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