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Cruise underway!

Torrential rain as we headed to the cruise port! Seems Mark and Mary’s luggage suffered the most. So we spent time hanging stuff up and using the hair dryer to help the process.

We were some of the first groups to board our ship. And I think we sampled adult beverages and topas in every open bar on board. We showed Mom around the ship, making sure she knew where all the buffets, shops and casino were.

The ship is huge and we scored a nice room with walk-out balcony. Our friend, Christopher, that booked our cabin, surprised us with decorations in the room PLUS a bottle of champagne iced down. Sure made us feel special.

Off to dinner with Mom where we met another couple and their mother sharing our table. Very enjoyable folks from Ireland.

After viewing our boarding group photo, Mary headed back to our cabin while I escorted Mom to the casino. We finally called an end to another busy day as I drug Mom from her blackjack table.




2 Responses to “Cruise underway!”

  1. Glad you have a nice room! Will have the diet plan ready when y’all return after grazing on all the buffets for several days! LOL. Enjoy!!

  2. I looked at the boat on line and the rooms really are nice. You all look like you’re having a huge time. Keep it up, and keep the news and pics coming. I enjoy them so much.

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