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Toulon France

We watched the sun rise over the port city of Toulon from our balcony. Somewhat mountainous and I guess I wasn’t expecting that. Quite beautiful. More rain headed our way. Just hope we don’t have to endure for the entire trip.

The three of us had breakfast in our room this morning. Have I mentioned how very strong the coffee is? Whew! I could probably use it to remove the hair on my legs!

We boarded a tour bus and cruised around the Provence region. Our tour guide is very knowledgeable. Although, even if she was feeding me a line of crap, how would I know? Norte Dame de la Garde was beautiful from where I stood! Way too many steps though. Mom and Mary weren’t even going to try so I decided to wait at the bottom with them. Then we toured around the Port of Marseille and got off the bus for a little shopping time. I’m sure not impressed with the French people (sorry Jayna). For the most part I find them very rude.

Mom has a full body massage scheduled for 4:30 this afternoon so we’ll head back prior to then.

Tonight we are scheduled to see the ice show and maybe some Cirque de Soleil kind of show. Busy, busy days. Probably gonna take us at least a week to catch up when we return! Mary has to request special time just to read!

Slight change of plans. Mom had a massage, Mary had some accupuncture done, and some of us enjoyed cocktails on board the ship. Ice show had been canceled so we rescheduled that. Since Mark and Mindy have a different dining time, we decided to take advantage of today and have dinner together in one of the casual restaurants.

After dinner we deposited Mom at the casino, Mary went to the room for some reading time and the rest of us went to another cruise production… UP IN THE AIR. Just short enough and pretty entertaining.

After that, back to the casino to collect Mom —- but she wasn’t quite ready.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Everybody had their shoes on the right feet, their shirts on facing front, and pretty rested. Wish you all were hear.





2 Responses to “Toulon France”

  1. Every minute sounds lovely!

  2. enjoying the updates! keep them coming!

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