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Today in Cannes

Our shore excursion didn’t leave until 1:30 this afternoon so we enjoyed a somewhat more leisurely morning aboard ship.

We all met for breakfast in the main dining room. After that, Mary had some more business in the spa, Mom had some serious piddling to do, and I was ready to sit out on the balcony for a bit.

We hopped on board the tendering boat about 12:45 and then boarded our tour bus at the port.

Clouds were moving in once again. I’m still hoping we won’t be plagued by rain all week.

After winding through the city streets of Cannes we headed inland to Grasse. This is where the French perfume industry lives and breathes! The bus stopped for us to tour the Fragonard factory. Seemed to be a fairly small operation but (I believe) is a major player in this industry. Very interesting and it smelled really good! Did you know that the violet scent is taken from the leaves of the plant and not the petals.

Have discovered more often than not that toilets around here have no seat. Cold porcelain and filthy nasty! Something that most of us take for granted and one thing I certainly miss.

After our perfume tour we hit the winding narrow streets to the medieval village of Saint Paul-de-Vence. Quite the hike uphill from the bus parking! Over cobblestone streets and sidewalks. We stopped for lots of photos, souvenir shopping and some of the local food. Mark had a sandwich but us girls went for the crepes.. Some were spread with Nutella and some soaked in Grand Marnier. Tasty!

Once back at the boat, we arranged or Mark and Mindy to be seated with us for dinner. After supper Mom was ready to go to the casino. I’m not certain but I think she may be trying to pay for her trip!!! Doesn’t matter…. as long as she is having fun.

Tomorrow promises to be another good day with wine tasting in Tuscany! Sounds good to me!








3 Responses to “Today in Cannes”

  1. so glad you guys are enjoying the trip! so jealous of all you are seeing n doing! love y’all

  2. I hope Melba rakes in the chips!! And I’ll be glad when Beck finds a decent potty!

  3. So enjoying the trip along with you! Thanks for posting. BTW Wanda and Brenda are in Colorado right now and their pics are beautiful. Maybe we need to travel there a little later in the year. Just saying.

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