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Livorno Italy

This morning we left the ship fairly early for our first shore excursion… a boat tour through some of the canals of Livorno. Then of course a little shopping. Wanted to try the REAL gelato from Italy but everything that served that was closed. Maybe when we are in Rome.

There is some sort of strike going on in Italy that involves public transportation. Never quite understood who’s working and who isn’t. So we made our way back to the boat so we could catch our next ride to a Tuscan winery. Sure don’t want to miss that one.

So, the boat tour was very informative and our guide had such a dry sense of humor. My major “aha” moment was when I realized that the good old USA was such a baby. What’s the oldest structure you’re aware of? See, that’s what I’m talking about!

After lunch on the ship, we boarded a different bus and left for the Tuscan countryside. Beautiful. Soft rolling hills covered in vineyards, olive trees and Mediterranean pines. The winery we visited was family run. They led us through the tour and then to one of their barrel rooms where there was a huge table set (family style). Cheese, bread, and Italian cold cuts. We tried a couple different reds, a white, a dessert, plus their special extra virgin olive oil. Too bad I don’t really appreciate fine wines! But it was fun.

Once back at the ship, Mark and Mindy joined us for dinner. All the pampering and special attention they give you on the cruise is sure to spoil.

After dinner, Mark, Mindy, Mary and I placed Mom in the casino then we headed to watch the ship’s production of Saturday Night Fever. It was ok…just glad I didn’t pay to see it.

I’m ready for bed. This sightseeing is hard work.






3 Responses to “Livorno Italy”

  1. Loved dining family style not at a vineyard when we were in Milan, but an actual home who served the public-amazing! Hated the holes in the ground for some “facilities” there! You all are so lucky to be having such a grand time. I’m jealous, and am so glad Melba can see her family’s homeland, and can relax at the casinos!!!!!

  2. Becky, I know that you are loving having someone else making the entertainment plans. The trip sounds fantastic and the pics are wonderful. You, however, have not mentioned how the casino trips are coming. Be sure she comes home with at least one pair of drawers! Love you all and keep having fun.

  3. I hope you didn’t let Melba drink too much of that wine before you dropped her off at the casino. BJ says ” WOOF”.

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