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My brain is waaaay overloaded. There is entirely too much to see and do. Not one of these ports deserves less than a couple weeks of my time. We are barely scratching the surface but loving everything we are seeing.

Today we are docked in Civitavecchia, about 90 minutes from Rome, the capital of Italy and the Catholic Church. We have chosen a 5 hour panoramic bus tour. We passed the Vatican walls, Villa Borghese, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum, and the Arch of Constantine. At St. Peter’s Square we were able to do a bit of shopping and stroll around some. Finally got to try a gelato! Very good… seems creamier than our ice cream.

I’ve been a bit disappointed that we haven’t been able to sample more of the local/regional cuisine. We’ve been able to try a few things but I was looking forward to so much more. Guess we’ve been tethered a little close to the ship.

Mom is having a wonderful time. She has enjoyed the shore excursions but is equally impressed with the on-board casino. We’ve been going to some of the shows on board but would love to have a tad more free time to relax. It’s been a very busy trip so far.

Looking forward to tomorrow – Naples and the Amalfi coast.





3 Responses to “Roma”

  1. Sounds like y’all are living in the fast lane! We are holding down the slow lane here so have fun.

  2. Yall are getting to see some very cool pieces of history! I’m glad everyone is enjoying the trip! I’ve never tried gelato either, but I always hear its very good.

  3. They make those tours fast so you’ll want to go back again. And when you do, I’m going with you. I so can’t wait to see the pics when you get home, and I’m glad you are all having such a good time, as I knew you wood. Excuse me….what’s that?….OK….BJ says “WOOF” again!

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