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Mom decided to sit this excursion out after she saw some of the pictures of what was to come. Hate she missed the absolute best shore excursion yet.

We boarded our tour bus at the pier and met Simona (our tour guide) and Pasquale (our bus driver). Our day was destined to be filled with excitement.

Our drive to Sorrento took us by Mt. Vesuvius. I do believe it was still spouting smoke. Before long we left the main highway to the coastal drive. This drive is not for the feint of heart! Before we arrived in Sorrento, I thought we had seen the worst of the roads. Switchbacks, sheer drops, hairpin curves! Boy, was I wrong! Our bus stop in Sorrento was a landmark since 1856. Cuomo’s Lucky Store has earned a reputation for creating superb Italian inlaid wood furnishings. And what we saw was beautiful.

Then off on our own to Piazza S. Tonino that overlooked the Sorrento Pier. The landscape was beautiful here. Steep, rock cliffs that held (and I’m not sure how) both residential and commercial structures. I’m certain the pictures that I will attach won’t do it justice. \

From there to Tasso Square where we did a bit of shopping before reboarding the bus.

We continue making our way along the coastal road to Positano where our lunch has been arranged. We dine on fresh bread, manicotti, and chicken breast — with a pitcher of wine, of course! A local specialty drink is lemoncello, a lemon liqueur, and we were treated to a taste at this stop. It only burned about half way down!!!

Back in the bus, we continue our drive to Amalfi. This road is so crooked and narrow that traffic has to actually stop as some of the vehicles meet. Again, I only hope the pictures will give you an idea of the road’s terrain along this stretch.

After a stop in Amalfi for some more shopping and gelato we are back on the road. I have never seen water so blue as I have on this trip. Crystal clear too.

Before we returned to the ship, we stopped for a tour of a cameo factory. I’ve always thought they were pretty but guess I never really thought about the process. They had one of their “master” cameo carvers demonstrate how it’s done. One cameo takes anywhere from one to five days to carve, depending on the size and detail. They actually chisel the cameo from different seashells or mother of pearl. And the finished products may look the same but a magnified look will show some distinct difference. This demonstration was amazing.

The day was too short as we headed back to the ship. Tomorrow is a day at sea so maybe we can catch up on a little rest.






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  1. Bet you want to take a bike ride on that crooked, narrow little road, don’t you?!

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