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No notice, huh

We didn’t tell you, did we? Well, here we are….going down the road again! Both of us were getting a bit “stir crazy” and figured now was as good a time as any.

Leaving Camden on Saturday morning, we were on a mission to meet friends in Denton, TX. Guaranteed to be a fun time just cause these girls are crazy!

Have I told you that this year will be a MILESTONE year for me? 60 years old! Yeah, I know some (make that most) of you would never imagine I’ve made it this far! There are a few things on my Bucket List that I’m trying to cross off before the big day. One of those would be to ride the perimeter of the US, visiting the 4 outermost corners. San Ysidro, CA – Blaine, WA – Madawaska, ME – Key West, FL. Should be a fun, grueling trip. Lucky for me, I have a few friends that invited themselves along. That would be the ones we met in Denton and we were making some plans!

That always requires a meal or two and that trip will be a whole ‘nuther blog.

Mary and I left the group and headed west. This trip we’re in the truck and can do lots of shopping.

Thru the birthplace of Bob Wills, Palo Duro Canyon, and a 12 mile stretch of countless mule deer, then Amarillo. We decided to stop for the night in Tucumcari, NM. This little town is jam packed with Route 66! We’ve been thru on two wheels before but this trip will be a bit different.

We found this little gem and checked in for the night. Takes you back, doesn’t it?




One Response to “No notice, huh”

  1. The Big 60, huh! What an amazing and fun trip that would be to travel the four outermost corners of the country! I take it yall will do it when it’s a bit warmer?! I’m glad the roads have been clear for yalls trip.

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