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Watch out for snow plows and … cows!

Ok, the Blue Sparrow had no heat in the bathroom, drafty windows and ice in the 50’s Westinghouse refrigerator behind the office. It was great! Fun, fun! And I would stay there again in a heartbeat! The tv was a bit dated though…..


Had to have breakfast before we left town. Kix on 66 in an old Denny's building was fantastic! I had the New Mexican quesadillas and they were delish.

Leaving Tucumcari on NM104 took us through some beautiful, desolate scenery. In 102 miles we met 12 private vehicles, 1 UPS truck and an equipment hauler. And I only saw one vehicle behind us through that leg of our journey.

Once we passed Las Vegas, we found ourselves on the "High Road to Taos" highway. Lots of twists, turns and snow. The roads were pretty clear and dry. Lots of warning signs for deer, elk, cows and snow plows. Again, the roads continue to be clear.

Arriving in Taos we checked into our room. Nice accommodations at the El Pueblo Lodge, another throwback to the 50's/60's. Still, quite comfortable with a fireplace and a view of the mountains.


Now, let’s go get our yard-art fix! After making our purchases (I know, it was only supposed to be one thing), we made arrangements to pick them up on our way out of town Wednesday morning.

Now it’s time to eat…again! Tonight we have chosen to dine at the Taos Out Back Pizza. Can’t say much for the building – literally a small shack out back behind another business. Fat Jack’s would be a 5star compared to this place. Looked to be a walk-up window at some time that they have added walls and a couple of patios to. We got there early enough (thank God!!!) to sit inside. It’s pretty chilly around here and I didn’t want to run the risk of my butt freezing to the picnic bench!!

Aside from all that, the pizza was fantastic! Fresh smoked mozzarella, copocolla, house made pesto, fresh tomatoes and green hatch chilies! Yumm! Yumm!


Not much more to tell about Monday. Back to the room to build a fire and listen to mindless drivvel (is that a word?) on the tv. Tune in for more tomorrow!


One Response to “Watch out for snow plows and … cows!”

  1. Sombody in this house often says, “I just need to watch some “mindless drivel” for a while”, when she tires of sports and the news! Y’all are living and eating dangerously or at least bravely these days!! Ha!!

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