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More scenic drives

We said goodbye to our accommodations for the last couple of nights. The El Pueblo Lodge was just another gem we found on If you have never traveled this way you should give it a try. Guarantee you will find some fun or joy that you have long forgotten!

Of course we had to start our day with another delicious meal. That’s the other half of the fun on these trips. This morning it was Gutiz, a restaurant specializing in Latin-French cuisine. Neither of us could have done better – Mary with her French toast loaded with fresh fruits and me with my crepes stuffed with brie, onions and mushrooms. Oh yeah, and the Mexican hot chocolate too!


Left Taos on, yet another, scenic drive. Visited a bronze sculpting studio and a Catholic Church built in the 1700’s before we made it to historic Santa Fe. Our first stop was the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. I always enjoy her work. Then a little time walking the historic square in downtown – doing some shopping. You know the drill.



We almost headed to Albuquerque but decided against it. Found us another neat motel. The El Ray Inn. A 5 acre property that’s been here since the 50’s. Tile bathroom, sanitized toilet – the works. Wifi not worth crap though!

And we get to finish the day with another memorable meal. Off to the Tune Up Cafe! A very small neighborhood cafe. Mary had chili rellenoes and I had an El Salvador inspired dish called pupuspa (I think). Regardless, it was very good. It was sautéed flank steak and onion with a little corn and cheese, sandwiched between tortilla-like then pan fried. Hope you get the idea.

Tomorrow is another day!


3 Responses to “More scenic drives”

  1. Santa Fe is worth at least a couple of days! lots to see there and some good food too. Been quite a while since we were there though.

  2. Don’t forget to tell Julia I said “Hi” while you’re in Santa Fe. Maybe she’ll cook dinner for you!!

  3. I think I am most jealous of the good-looking food yall get to eat! ;p

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