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Turquoise Trail

Yes, of course, we started our day with another exceptional breakfast! This time we didn’t do any research on the place. Turns out we had a breakfast voucher from the El Ray for this restaurant down the block, The Pantry. Mary’s plate wasn’t very exciting but mine was … titillating! A Durango omelette stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, onions, ham and sour cream. Then smothered with green chili sauce. The “side” was Pantry potatoes. Too much for me to consume but I felt obligated to (at least) taste! Soft fried potatoes with onion and bacon seasoned with chili powder.

Before we even left Santa Fe I spotted a mercado. Not sure but I think that means FLEA MARKET! We spent a couple hours shopping and watching some glass blowers. On the road we go. Headed to Albuquerque via the Turquoise Trail. You’re probably familiar with it if you saw Wild Hogs. We picked out a few spots to stop as we went through Madrid. Kinda disappointed that 2 of 3 were closed and the third business was not to be found. So, we had to improvise and pick a merchant that was actually open. It’s ok, we found a few things to buy anyway!

Rather than go through Albuquerque, an alternate route seemed more appealing. A really remote NM55 took us almost all the way to US380. We saw the historic Shaffer Hotel and the Gran Quivira Ruins.


Once we hit 380 (aka Billy the Kid Scenic Drive) it was straight to Roswell and the land of aliens.


It was dark by the time we arrived so not much chance to check out the aliens. We did find time to check out supper though! Big D’s Downtown Dive makes a mean Monte Christo sandwich. And the garlic waffle fries plus the sweet potato fries were pretty good too! Maybe tomorrow’s light will bring alien sightings!đŸ‘½



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  1. What kind of trailer did y’all buy and where did you find a dealer on those back roads to everywhere?? Of course I am referring to the big trailer you must need by now to haul all of your purchases home. Fun though, huh?? Live it up girls!!

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