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End of the trail…

Well this morning we left Roswell with no alien sightings and no special breakfast.  Decided it was going to be a long driving day so figured we better get on the road ASAP.  And besides the high winds of New Mexico and west Texas, that was as exciting as it was going to get…

Oh yeah, except for the traffic once we headed into Ft Worth.  And of course I was just reminded of the wind farms…turbine factories… or whatever they’re called.  Some may think they ruin the scenery but we’re talking about west Texas.  Really, what can you ruin?

We made it all the way to Duncanville for the night.  And had supper in Cedar Hill at another mexican restaurant.  Mary remembered their chili rellenos a few years back so we needed to make sure they were still as good.  There’s something about pecans and raisins that make for a whole different taste.  Sorry that neither of us took a picture tonight.  Matt’s Rancho Martinez.  Several locations around the Dallas area.

We’re in for the night very early.  Got a couple of errands in Dallas tomorrow before we head out.  Will probably stay the night in Texarkana as we pick up LiLi.  So this will be the end for this journey.  Hope you enjoyed this short winter respite!!!  If you did, you might tune in the first week of February when we head to the Emerald Coast of Florida for a few days.  Bye now!!  We sure had fun!


One Response to “End of the trail…”

  1. Don’t think we have to worry about any moss growing on y’all do we?!
    Glad you had a ball and are getting close to home again. I need to be in AR on Jan 26 but not sure yet that I am going to make the trek alone and don’t think B can get off long enough. Something going on at HSU that weekend. Safe travels the rest of the way home!

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