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Bucket list

This sums it up pretty well….


Having the bike serviced today for Monday departure. Yes, I’m excited for this adventure but trying to be cautiously optimistic. I know some of you are thinking that this will be all fun and games. Then there are those of you that realize the physicality of stringing 30 continuous 400+ miles days.

The “pack” has dwindled from 6 to 2. And Suzanne and I are hopeful that we have the fortitude to finish! Time will tell and so will this blog. Keep up with us here as I try to blog nightly.

Wish us luck, safety and speed!😁


3 Responses to “Bucket list”

  1. Good Luck Girls. Wishing you safe travels and will look forward to the blog so we know that you are still alive and well as this adventure progresses.

  2. I’m so excited for you and Suzanne to go on your adventure. I cannot imagine 30 days of 400 miles each. But I know ya’ll can do it. I wish you fair weather and good times!

  3. Be careful girls… I will be reading your blog.

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