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Not sure about the other girls (we picked up an escort, Dodie, for a couple days) but when I got up to relieve myself at 3:05, I was wide awake. Could not go back to sleep so made my bed in the dark and thumbed through FaceBook until it was time to really get up. That would be 4:00am for a 5 o’clock departure.

Couldn’t even get the bikes packed and loaded before it started raining! What a way to get started. For whatever good it did, we decided to try and wait it out. And at 5:30 an executive decision was made to change the route and try to skirt the showers. We did pretty well. Missed most of them and just got a “little” wet. No rainsuits though!

Hwy 70 as far west as 183, that we took south to Haskell. There we picked up 380 the rest of the way into Roswell. The day went without too many problems… shifting luggage, heat, itchy helmet head, heat, rain, and (did I mention) HEAT?!? Things sure warmed up this afternoon and I won’t even mention all the places that I found heat rash tonight.

We rolled into Roswell around 3:30 or 4:00 and covered more miles than I had planned (somewhere between 550 and 600). I must mention that we have a passenger for the duration of the trip. Super hero, Trash Parker, can be seen in most of our pictures. This is for the benefit of Suzanne’s grandson, Bearach. He will be getting a geography lesson throughout the trip.

I have made a promise not to post so many food pictures on the blog. That will probably be pretty easy since today we had enchiladas and tacos from Stripes and walked across the street for supper at Applebee’s. There’s bound to be some good meals coming our way and you can rest assured that we will share the pictures to prove it!

Yes, it’s early but we are all whipped and heading to bed. Tomorrow should be a bit cooler (we hope).



2 Responses to “DISNEY TIME AT LAST!!”

  1. Was just inquiring with your household about not seeing any blogs when this one came rolling in via my email. Y’all look fairly happy thus far so I am guessing no saddle sores just yet. Is this super hero the new “Flat Stanley?” Happy trails ladies!

  2. Excellent picture! Ride safe.

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