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New Mexico to Arizona

This morning I watched the sunrise cast long shadows in front of us. Observing through my rearview mirror as the skyline changed hues – from blues and grays to yellows and brilliant orange. I could barely make out the silhouettes of my buddies in the blinding light..

It was a glorious day. When we left Roswell we were in long sleeve shirts and (reflective – for you, Mom) vests but it wasn’t too far out of town that we were stopping to put on our jackets… Lincoln, NM. It may have been in the 70’s in Roswell but it dropped to the low 60’s really quick once we hit the hills. Another stop in Capitan for potty break and some monster breakfast burrito (I’m still looking at half of it!). But we also picked up a very nice couple from Washington state that had ridden to Dallas to visit family and were on their return trip. Linda and Larry were great road buddies and spent the rest of the day riding with us.


We rode Hwy 380 and the “Billy the Kid Scenic Byway” west to San Antonio (NM – not TX). Then a few miles north we latched onto Hwy 60 the rest of the way to Show Low, AZ.


About 30 miles out we got into some rain. Nothing torrential, but it was still rain. Glad we were near our destination. Short day – 375 miles, but we wanted to spend some time with Dodie. Plus, Linda and Larry joined us for supper. It’s 5:30 and we are ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow is a new day!


One Response to “New Mexico to Arizona”

  1. Good to know you are having fun and meeting some nice folks along the way.

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