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Westward Ho!!

It would be a long time before the sun would be casting our shadows this morning. Seems neither one of us can get in the right time zone. So when I got up at 3:30 this morning, and found Suzanne also awake, we just decided to go ahead and get on down the road.

By the time we got to Gila Bend, it was 5:30 and 90•! So our decision to move out early this morning was a good one. Once the sun came up we enjoyed the last glimpse of the Arizona landscape. I was reminded of one of my favorite trips a few years back.



Our road of choice as we left Yuma and headed into California was Old Highway 80. It took us through some prime California farmland… everything from wind farms and solar farms to produce and hay. Some things I would never associate with this state.

We were riding parallel with the Mexico border and watched Border Patrol making their rounds. We went through two checkpoints but were waved on (I guess they figured we couldn’t hide Pedro or Jesus in our saddlebags)! A couple of spots found us close enough to see the border crossing and we were tempted to check it out. Had it not been for Mike’s parting prayer to “keep us out of trouble”, we probably would have ventured out. I still think we could have made it over and back without incident but I suppose it wasn’t worth testing.

As we ran out of one road, we picked up another, SH94. Not sure how it could get much better than this. Similar to “Twisted Sisters” or “Pig Trail”. Kenny Polk, I hope you tried this one on your way out here.

San Ysidro was easy enough to move around. The post office was just a little ways from our motel and San Diego was up the road a bit. Lot’s to see there – from the naval base, Petco Park, a couple of Harley shops to the delicious taco truck that fed us! It’s been fun so far but our real adventure starts tomorrow. Four corners of the US in 21 days. San Ysidro, CA, Blaine, WA, Madawaska, ME and Key West, FL. Wish us luck!


4 Responses to “Westward Ho!!”

  1. Sounds like things are going well. Y’all continue to be careful. Love ya!

  2. Hopefully you have left the “big heat” behind you and will get to travel the coast with ocean breezes for a few days. Good Luck as the real adventure begins. Hugs from us.

  3. Love those TUNA’S!!!!!! They sure bite!

  4. I believe in you guys and I know you will make it! Love Ya’ll!

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