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Tidbits From the Road

Tonight I thought I would share a few tidbits from the road. It’s been a really long day (over 525 miles) and I’m just not up to spending much time on the blog….

Did you know that in Roswell, NM on Main Street the streetlamp globes are painted with alien faces?

No matter how scenic the route, if it’s dark, you’ll never know!

The only way a bee can hang on at highway speeds is to “anchor” himself with his stinger!

Your mental sharpness is relative to the hours and miles you have been on the road!

No matter how well you pack, you will always need something that you didn’t bring!

I’ll try to share more as they come to me. Today’s blog will have to happen later. Good night all!


One Response to “Tidbits From the Road”

  1. Came home from the Arkansas trip, changed my shoes, grabbed my hat and hopped aboard the lawn mower for three hours so I understand that tired, road weary feeling. However, I am home and done with the highway for a while and you are just getting started!! You Go Girl!!!

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