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Days 1 and 2 on our adventure

Hey Everybody! I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed. These last two days have been jam-packed.

Yesterday we left San Ysidro bright and early. Rules of the ride require that we get a dated gas receipt from each of the corners. The beginning point was to be a lesson learned later in the day. Seems I got a phone call back in Camden questioning the charge in San Ysidro for over $300. Really? How in the world can I get that much gas in a motorcycle? Anyway… on down the road. And I had picked some pretty scenic routes, by the way. But you know when you leave hours before the sun comes up, you will never know the difference. We did make our way through Los Angeles and traffic without any problem. Of course, that was the main reason for us leaving before daybreak.

After we left LA we made a bee-line for the coastal route of CA1.  Too much beautiful scenery to post all the 20130804-204709.jpg20130804-204848.jpgpictures that I’ve taken.  Ventura, Morro Bay, the Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-Sea and San Luis Obispo…  just to name a few.  The little towns we went through all had their own personality.  Lots of farmland – strawberry fields forever!!  And they smelled delicious for miles and miles.  We passed avocados 10 for $1 and fresh asparagus, cherries, and all kinds of other fruits and veggies.  Just makes my mouth water writing about it.

There is much to be said about CA1.  The views are beyond compare.  Sandy beaches, rocky beaches, bluffs, cliffs, pasture land, trees, flowers, cows and whales.  But you must know that in order to enjoy these sights will require a much slower trip.  We got so wrapped up in everything we were seeing that the time slipped right by.  Before we knew it, we were over 500 miles down the road and several hours!  We rolled into Monterey late afternoon and started scrambling for a room.  By the time we secured accommodations for the night, we were a few towns over and way, much later than we wanted.  That’s why you didn’t get much of a blog last night.

So today we decided to wait until the sun was about to peek out over the horizon.  The weather was overcast and clouds were so low that it felt like it was misting on us.  I had to stop and put on my rain suit, not only for the moisture, but to help with the cold.  Seems I have made a poor choice in the jacket I packed for this trip.  May have to remedy that when we stop to get our oil changed in a couple of days.

Again, CA1 was our choice.  If we thought it was slow going yesterday, we were mistaken.  By the time we decided to jump back over to US101, we had been on the road 6 hours and traveled 172 miles.  But we got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Stinson Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, Bodega Bay, and the Drive-Thru Tree.  Each place begged us to return when we could stay longer!




We are in Eureka for the night. Almost had another room problem tonight and have decided to make a different plan for tomorrow. It’s colder than who’d-a-thunk-it here. We have come to find out that this little town only gets sunshine less than dozen days out of the year! I don’t think we’ll stick around to find out if that’s true or not.


4 Responses to “Days 1 and 2 on our adventure”

  1. kNOW YOU ARE SEEING SOME BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY and prob. historic places. Slow dow just a tad to smell the roses. Love ya’all

  2. Wow! Sounds like a couple of truly awesome days with lots of beautiful California sights, sounds and smells! Happy that our “meat and potatoes” gal appreciates the look and odor of all the fruits and veggies along the way!! I know, I know! This from your friend on the GRR, right?! BTW, one of the things we really miss is those 10 for a dollar avocados! Kills my soul to have to pay for them back here.
    Happy traveling……..

  3. Love the blog and so far reliving every mile. In fact went back and read the blog from our trip in 2010 and looked at all the pics. Thanks for taking time to post. Ride Safe!

  4. The pix are just beatiful. Keep them coming!

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