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Tsunami Hazard Zone

Well that will make a girl really feel good about the route… Actually, there were a few things this morning. After we checked out of the motel and went back to the room to get the rest of the bags, we lost our power. I thought it had something to do with us having checked out already but it seems that somebody had mowed down a power pole a few blocks over. Just hate having to make a final walk-thru with the lights out! Hope we didn’t leave anything.

As we left, the weather was no better than yesterday afternoon when we came in. It was cold and damp. Clouds were hanging so low and so heavy that it was a constant mist. And I’m not really sure how you can tell if it’s clouds or fog – but whatever it was, we were in it for hours this morning!

There’s just something about that coastal drive that keeps calling us back. We know we can’t make very good time but it is just so beautiful. So that’s how we left this morning… actually, we stayed on US101 all day today. From Eureka, CA to Tillamook, OR (that’s the place that makes cheese). Besides being a “TSUNAMI HAZARD ZONE”, our path also took us through a “SNOW ZONE”. The latter was not so difficult to believe given the temp.

As we were motoring on (quite slowly, I might add) Suzanne’s eagle eye spotted a herd of elk swimming across a lagoon. This had to be the neatest thing we saw today!  Probably 20 or 30 of them coming out of the water.



Can you imagine rounding a curve and witnessing this? Kinda hard to top so the rest of the day was (comparatively) pretty uneventful. Aside from the twisty, turny roads and the impatient traffic, the rock slides, hellacious winds, bicyclists everywhere – I mean really!!!  We did decide to break up the day and stop for lunch though. The folks at Coos Bay H-D referred us to a bayside restaurant down the road. Suzanne had an oyster poboy and I had a crab and cheese melt. Had to get a seafood fix!

Off we go again until we reached the day’s destination. Tillamook may have more to offer than cheese but I don’t think we will be awake to find out!


5 Responses to “Tsunami Hazard Zone”

  1. Hope you have picked up a warmer jacket by now. Sure sounds like you need it. The scenery must be amazing. Elk didn’t seem too perturbed by your presence.

  2. Gorgeous pic!! It sounds like the trip is going pretty smooth. Is Fiona still with you?

  3. Hi Bec, Sounds like u guys are having a large time! Keep on keeping on!

  4. We are loving your blog!!!

  5. Great elk pix. Why can’t we see things like that when the 4 of us go a traveling?

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