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Farewell to the 101

Today was our last day on US101, and the foggy coast. We’ve left the Tsunami Zone and the Pacific Coast Highway. I’ve got to say I’m going to miss it. The weather was much better today with lots of sunshine. That’s not to say we didn’t get into some fog and low clouds.



We left Tillamook in a misty fog but before we got to the bridge in Astoria, the sun was shining. Still pretty chilly but at least the sun was shining!

Crossing into Washington, we stopped for the obligatory picture and potty break. Before long we were approached by a nice lady, Joyce, that talked with us about riding and local roads. She worked for an area business journal and is now following us… Hello Joyce!

Through South Bend, WA, the oyster capital of the world (probably a self-proclaimed title) then turning a bit easterly as we traveled north skirting the Hood Canal and through the Olympic National Forest. In Port Townsend we caught the ferry across the Puget Sound to Whidbey Island. Suzanne and I stood on deck and watched the fog rolling in from the Pacific as a wall as it moved down the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Dropping our luggage at the motel, we scurried on to Blaine, WA (our second corner) for our picture and dated gas receipt. On the way back from the there, we bird-dogged a seafood place in Bellingham, the Waterfront Tavern. Gotta say that I thought we would see more seafood restaurants than we have but most of the locals we talk to around here don’t eat it so it’s been kinda hard to get a recommendation. But tonight we dined with the locals on the waterfront! What an experience.

Back to the motel to write the blog, shower and hit the hay. Still haven’t done laundry. It’s a good thing we both packed as many clothes as we did. And Suzanne’s hydration vest that she saturated in Arizona, still has not dried. Every time we stop for the night she hangs it up to dry with little success at this point.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day. The Cascade Loop comes highly recommended by several riders that we have encountered. We’ll let you know.








2 Responses to “Farewell to the 101”

  1. I gather that something happened in mid sentence and I was just getting into it!! LOL Will check back later.

  2. Just read the rest of the blog this morning. Interesting day and we hope this day will be another one. So far, it’s sounding like the adventure of a lifetime. We want to see the slide show and a running commentary next time we get to Camden!!

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